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Custom Printed Iron Spider-MCU V2 Costume


As always ZentaiZone does a great job with their suits! I ordered this suit with the hype for Infinity War on full blast! I got my usual add ons to the suit and waited the usual amount of time it takes for a suit from ZentaiZone to arrive at my door, got my suit in the mail and opened it up and was ready to be amazed with the top notch quality ZentaiZone always gives to their customers. I noticed something different about this suit than my other suits I have purchased from ZentaiZone (this is my 4th suit I bought from ZentaiZone). I was ecstatic when I realized what ZentaiZone had done. The greatest thing for any Spidey cosplay, FOG FREE LENSES!! That's right, no more fogging up and barely being able to see. I could clearly see everything I did in this suit. I perched on an awning on a parking garage with confidence and of course safety, thanks to the fog free lenses ZentaiZone now provides. I do a lot of charity work as Spidey and I wear exclusively ZentaiZone suits. Everyone is always amazed by the quality and children believe that they are meeting Spidey.
Date Added: 05/30/2018 by Daniel Watkins

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Date Added: 04/30/2018 by Kristian Keanu B. Servando
The suit is amazing. The colors are great and the texture is much better. However the lenses on the ...

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Date Added: 04/26/2018 by Logan Wolfe
Amazing suit! Fits amazing and the colors are very vibrant! Would highly recommend

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Date Added: 04/21/2018 by Julian Salas
This suit is amazing, the quality and the craftmanship is outstanding! Do yourself a favor and buy a...

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