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Custom Printed PS4 Spiderman Zentai


What an amaizing suit design and such nice work from worker 5! I have a review live on youtube here’s the link :
Please consider checking it out out and if you do make sure you read the description for more info and if I helped you in any way to decide yourself consider giving. a like or commenting !
Date Added: 06/13/2018 by Raphael Benoit

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Date Added: 10/19/2018 by Luis Gonzalez-Marrero
Thank you so much zentaizone for this amazing suit, specially to worker 12 who put all his effort in...

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Date Added: 10/16/2018 by Isiah Castro
Incredibly breathable and comfortable to wear even in the heat. Looks absolutely gorgeous, well wort...

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Date Added: 10/14/2018 by Georgios Vurvuris
Hey Guys, I´am a big Spiderman fan and I always wanted to have a good Spiderman Suit for Con´s or ot...

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Date Added: 10/13/2018 by Johan Stenbäck
amazing looking suit and an incredible work from zentaizone, not a single flaw. Special thanks to ar...

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Date Added: 10/10/2018 by Shane Groves
Unbelievable work and attention to detail! - The Kung-fu shoes are difficult to get on but EXTREM...

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Date Added: 10/07/2018 by Isaac Kill
The suit is amazing, of excellent quality and very comfortable, all the people who read this do not ...

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