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Custom Printed Far From Home Spiderman Zentai Suit


This is the second suit I’ve ordered from Zentaizone and I couldn’t be happier. I ordered this suit 3 months ago, and I have to say that I am very happy with it. I am very happy with the stitching. It was close to perfection in terms of lining up the way it’s supposed to. I want to thank worker #88, Miss yam. Thank you so much for your amazing work. I love the design of the suit, in any picture I take the black looks like it’s reflecting the light off the legs and arms, couldn’t be happier with the design! I ordered this suit with the faceshell and it looks fantastic, my biggest problem with it is that it’s bigger than my actual face, so I have a little bit of space where the shell moves on my face. The lenses for the suit are amazing because they have holes and won’t ever fog up. The magnets are pretty strong, no complaints on the strength. Though the magnets did fall out of the lenses and mask I fixed that with super glue. Just make sure not to get glue on the outside of the lenses, it’ll mess it up and look ugly. Since I glued them back I haven’t had any problems with them. Now I got the suit with soles, and like my older suit the soles do start to peel off if you run with them. This is easy to fix, and I’m sure that this is the case for every suit, just saying to let you guys know. I also ordered a second mask along with the suit. It looks great, I love the lenses, but I absolutely hate the elastic band around the neck. It makes it hard to put the mask on and off, and it bunches the fabric around the neck making it look ugly. That id the only problem that I have with the mask. If you guys could change that for the future I would be VERY thankful. I got the U-shaped, the forearm, and the mask zippers for the suit and they all work really well. Thank you guys for the extra magnets by the way! If the magnets fall out again and I lose them I’ll use the extras that you guys included, so thank you! When I ordered, the package arrived within a week! I was shocked because I live on Hawaii and the shipping here sucks, so thank you Zentaizone for finishing the suit quickly! The fabric is also very comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and btw anyone reading this you don’t need help putting on the suit, I can do it alone within five minuets without any trouble. This being my second ever Spidey suit I want to thank everyone at Zentaizone for the great experience, and a special thanks again to worker #88 Miss Yam the amazing stitching. Stitching really makes or breaks the suit, so thank you.
Date Added: 07/20/2019 by Paul Shemwell

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Date Added: 08/17/2019 by Jimmy Aragon
So excited! First suit and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Better photos coming soon!

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Date Added: 08/15/2019 by Marcus Flores
The suit looks amazing feels amazing and fits perfect. Definitely recommend going custom size and th...

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Date Added: 08/09/2019 by Stanly Teddy Landung
awesome costume, don't hesitate to buy costume at zentaizone, you won't regret it

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Date Added: 08/08/2019 by Billy Sides IV
awesome suit, definitely get the leather details added on and faceshell w/ magnetic lenses. the fac...

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Date Added: 08/07/2019 by Robert Atkinson
Zentai Zone has done it again. This is the second time I have ordered and the work is amazing! Thank...

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Date Added: 07/25/2019 by James Paull
The printing on this suit is very clear and crisp. I maxed out all of the customizations on this sui...

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