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I ordered this back in October 2018 and I have been meaning to review the suit but I hadn't done it yet, So here it is.

I sent a pattern based on the 90s Animated Series Suit and I must say, The suit fits and looks fantastic!

However I do have a few problems and that is mainly because I asked for the "Detached Gloves" and "Add Soles". That was a mistake because they kept sliping down and not alligning right with the pattern, I solved that problem by tucking the gloves into the forearms. I also found the soles unconfortable, it's fine for a short period of time but I wouldn't see myself wearing the suit all day at a Con because my feet would hurt. For future suits I'm gonna go with the Forearm Zippers and Kung Fu Shoes.

Dispite that The suit looks and feels great, I've not taken it to a Con yet but I can't wait to show it off! :)

Thanks for the great work ZentaiZone!

~ James H
Date Added: 01/26/2019 by James Hodge

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Date Added: 04/13/2019 by Richard La Grange
Another great suit as expected. The colours were just right. Thank you Zentaizone!

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Date Added: 04/11/2019 by Adrian Garcia Jr.
Love it

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Date Added: 04/08/2019 by Bartosz Pasiecznik
Amazing job! Suit looks great, weblines line up and overall great quality for a price!

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Date Added: 03/29/2019 by Adrian Garcia Jr.
These guys never disappoint. I love my Custom Suit ,! bright colors ,fabric is top quality! If you n...

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Date Added: 03/25/2019 by Ryan Glover
Blown Away with the service provided! I honestly didn't expect the file to show up nearly as well as...

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Date Added: 03/19/2019 by Trevor Anderson
FANTASTIC and AMAZING I ordered a custom design that I made for myself after Spider-Verse. I entered...

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